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BMC Capital Campaign Shopping List

Help our Capital Campaign end on a high note!
So far more than 400 families have contributed to the Brattleboro Music Center’s new home. Their generosity is ensuring that music education and performance will enrich our community for generations. This list represents many of the essentials we still need to be a fully functioning music center. Won’t you help us purchase one or more of these items? Please think about the joy that music gives your life and make your campaign gift today!

Make your commitment to the capital campaign today.

Our Shopping List

Choral Risers (need 6)  – $2,000 each/$12,000 total
Studio Chairs (need 25) – $90 each/$2,250 total
Hand Drums for Classes (need 20) – $350 each/$7,000 total
Audience Tier Seating for the Performance Hall – $10,000
Performer Chairs (need 10) – $219 each/$2,190 total
Music Stand Lights (need 20) – $40 each/$800 total
Audience Chairs for Recital Hall (need 20) – $60 each/$1,200 total
Drum Set – $1,000
Piano Lights (need 4) – $230 each/$920 total
Percussion Chairs & Stools (need 3) – $150 each/$450 total
Stage Curtains for the Recital Hall – $10,000
Orchestra Music Stands (need 20) – $37 each/$740 total
Synthesizer – $1,000
Cello Chairs (need 4) – $260 each/$1,040 total
Bike Rack – $480
Phone System/Wireless Network  – $8,000
Chairs for the Lobby (need 8) – $150 each/$1,200 total
Couch for the Waiting Room – $1,200

  • BMC Bravo SocietyThe Brattleboro Music Center relies on volunteers in the community who give generously of their time. We are pleased to honor the following for their help in August through October, 2018:
    Ella Aquadro, Diana Bander, Gussie Bartlett, Mara Berkley. Tim Callahan. Brian Cohen. Walter Cramer, Judy Fink, Bruce Frank, Karen Frank, Rob Freeberg, Fiona Goodman, Virginia Goodman, Eva Greene, Bill Gottesman, Lerna Gottesman, Freddie Hart, Lynn Herzog, Gail Kennedy-Haines, Melanie Kent, Meg Lyons, Joe Madison, Sheila Magnuson, Cecil Maxfield, Robert Naess, Antje Ruppert, Alison Schantz, Larry Siegel, Takaka Ueda, Zola von Krusenstiern and Windham Orchestra Members.

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