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enriching lives through music



What’s New at the BMC?

Childsplay Performs Farewell Concert at the Latchis Theatre Nov. 17
The BMC is pleased to announce that Childsplay, ending 33 years of touring with a series of spectacular farewell concerts, will return to Brattleboro’s Latchis Theatre Sunday, Nov. 17, at 7:30 p.m. Childsplay features over two dozen musicians from all over the United States and Sweden, and includes some of the leading virtuosos in traditional and contemporary fiddle music. For over 30 years, Childsplay has performed in the United States and Europe, showcasing different styles of fiddle music.

When playing together, Childsplay performers create sounds that are vibrant, powerful, and eclectic, as well as playful, innovative and driving, taking fiddle music beyond mesmerizing repetition into the realm of harmonies and counter rhythms — traditional fiddle sounds in the contemporary world. Tickets are available online at www.childsplay.org/concerts.html.

Northern Roots Presents an Evening of Music from Brittany Nov. 23
Northern Roots presents “Songs & Melodies of Brittany,” an evening of music from Brittany with Claire Boucher and Brad Hurley Saturday, Nov. 23, at 7:30 p.m. Boucher is a native of Sarzeau, near Vannes in southwestern Brittany, the Celtic region of France. She sings traditional songs from her part of Brittany, accompanied by her partner, Brad Hurley, on wooden flute and 12-string guitar.
Her involvement with Breton traditions began with dance, and she often teaches a dance or two during her concerts. She sings in French and in Breton, a form of Gaelic closely related to Welsh, and has brought her music to audiences all over New England, Québec, and the West Coast.

Sarasa Ensemble Explores Partnerships of the Baroque Nov. 29
The Sarasa Chamber Music Ensemble presents “Dynamic Duos: Partnerships of the Baroque” at the Brattleboro Music Center Friday, Nov. 29. The 7:30 p.m. concert will spotlight some of the many partnerships that sprang up during the Baroque era between famous violinist-composers and their favorite cellists, producing a wealth of instrumental sonata repertoire.

Performing will be Alison Bury, violin; Dick Earle, oboe; Jennifer Morsches, piccolo cello; Timothy Merton, cello; and Robin Bigwood, theorbo. The program includes Vandini’s Sonata in A minor for cello and basso continuo; S.L. Weiss’ Tombeau sur la Mort de M. Comte d’Logy; Tartini’s Sonata in g minor, Op. 1 No. 10 ‘Didone abbandonata’ for violin and basso continuo; P. Boni’s Sonata XII in B minor for cello and basso continuo; Corelli’s Sonata in D major for violin, Op.5 No. 1; and J.G. Graun’s Trio Sonata in F major.

Chamber Series Presents the Polonsky-Shifrin-Wiley Trio Dec. 6
The Brattleboro Music Center’s Chamber Series presents the Polonsky-Shifrin-Wiley Trio Friday, Dec. 6. The 7:30 p.m. concert features pianist Anna Polonsky, clarinetist David Shifrin, and cellist Peter Wiley. The three have performed individually in the past for local audiences, at the Marlboro Music Festival and as part of the BMC Chamber Music Series, but their new collaboration as a trio commands immediate attention and offers the promise of a very special concert.

To open and close the program, the Trio will present two towering works for clarinet, cello, and piano. Ludwig van Beethoven composed his Trio for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano in 1797, early in his career. At this time, Beethoven was experimenting with chamber music for woodwind instruments. On the other hand, Johannes Brahms composed his Trio in 1891, relatively late in life, after he met and became entranced with the playing of Richard Mühlfeld, the principal clarinetist of the Meiningen Orchestra. The Trio will also perform Clarinet for Piano, Clarinet, and Cello (1973) by Nino Rota as well as the Trio by Francis Poulenc.




  • BMC Bravo SocietyThe Brattleboro Music Center relies on volunteers in the community who give generously of their time. We are pleased to honor the following for their help from June through October 2019:
    Tanya Balsley, Karen Becker, Chris Bowen, Deb Bunker, Tim Callahan, Amy Cann, Peter Case, Lisa Cox, Doug Cox, Walter Cramer, Judy Fink, Rob Freeberg, Bill Gottesman, Lerna Gottesman, Freddie Hart, Kimi Hasegawa, Jenny Holan, Dawn Kersula, Bruce Landenberger, Meg Lyons, Joe Madison, Sheila Magnuson, Jim Maxwell, Raquel Moreno, Guy Payne, Didi and Matt Prignano, Alison Schantz, Joe Sylvester, Melissa Trainor and Bob Wickberg

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