Traditional/Folk Singers’ Workshop

Amanda Witman
Fall: Starts 10/12/23
Thursdays 7:00 – 8:00 pm
4 weeks: $80
Scholarships available
This is a 4 week intro.  Classes will be added!

Strengthen your confidence and explore traditional and folk songs in a supportive learning group. Develop your capacity for singing informally for other people, by ear, and from memory. Become a stronger, more confident singer, song leader, and/or performer. 

This is a supportive, safe space to get outside your comfort zone and work on polishing your unpolished songs. Bring your questions about singing and a song you want to work on or explore. Printed music, word sheets, and digital devices for referencing lyrics are welcome! 

This class is intended primarily for the unaccompanied singer, and the focus will be on singing. However, those who have experience with an instrument and want to explore self-accompaniment in support of singing are welcome to bring it.

All singers with an interest in singing traditional and/or folk songs are welcome. This is not a course on vocal technique, but there will be discussion of technique, notable singers, and traditional singers’ styles in passing. Harmony will be covered if there is an interest.

No experience or confidence is required. Students in this class should have enthusiasm for singing, some awareness of traditional and/or folk music, a willingness to experiment bravely with the learning process, and an interest in building repertoire and capacity for traditional and/or folk songs.

Registration Information or call the BMC at 802-257-4523 to register.

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