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Northern Roots Weekend

Hosted by
Keith Murphy & Becky Tracy

On hiatus for the summer of 2018 – please see below!


The Northern Roots Weekend features a series of intensive teaching workshops in traditional music for all instruments, with a focus on fiddle, flute, whistle, guitar and song.

Dearest Northern Rooters.

Many of you will have heard at this point, that there will be no Northern Roots Weekend this summer. The Green Mountain Camp finally decided it was just a little too complicated for them to squeeze us in between the end of one of their sessions on Friday afternoon and the beginning of another Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t an ideal arrangement for us either, but we certainly did come to happily call that place home for a good run of years. As funky as the camp is the rustic intimacy of Hildreth Hall for our evening Ceilidhs of dancing and jamming became tightly entwined with our sense of what that event was all about. We loved the singing around the campfire (often after a quick dip in the pool). And Steve’s sumptuous food made many of us forget about the cramped bathrooms and ‘not very luxurious’ cabins.

We just didn’t have the wherewithal to find another venue that could recreate enough of what Green Mountain Camp had afforded us. Such a place may yet present itself, but not for this season. If you are inclined to proffer suggestions for 2019, here are some of the things we’d hope to find in a new place.

  • Room for roughly 40 people. That felt like a really good sized group. Small enough to get to know everyone, big enough to sustain a little dancing and playing.
  • Something comfortable, but also a little campy. We liked being out in the woods. I don’t think it would feel the same in any kind of ‘conference center.’
  • Would love to have a campfire again, and a swimming option, if possible, though I suppose we could live without those.
  • Not too, too far from Brattleboro. We still rely on support from the home office during the weekend.
  • Affordable. Rent for Green Mountain camp was modest and that allowed us to keep the cost of the weekend down for campers. Would be good to continue with that.

Hopefully, this is just the closing of one chapter. So without sounding too final, we do want to reflect on and give thanks to all the great teachers we had over our first eight years; to the incredible BMC staff who got the event off the ground and kept it running (we couldn’t have done it without them); and to the beautiful spirit of everyone who came to camp, threw themselves into the spirit of the weekend and pitched in to make the weekend what it was, year after year. It’s been a memorable part of our musical lives and hopefully yours.  We look forward to a new chapter in the near future!

All the best,
Keith and Becky



  • BMC Bravo SocietyThe Brattleboro Music Center relies on volunteers in the community who give generously of their time. We are pleased to honor the following for their help in June, 2018:
    Ella Aquadro, Adam Bergeron, Chris Bowen, Stephen Broll, Deb Bunker, Tim Callahan, Sandy Campbell, Star Christie, Brian Cohen, Dvora Cohen, Walter Cramer, Judy Fink, David & Joy Fleming, Rob Freeberg, Peter Gibbons, Harlin Glovacki, Chris Goding, Riley Goodemote, Bill & Lerna Gottesman, Rebecca Greene-Cramer, Tom Green, Don Hayes, Lynn & Georges Herzog, Karen Horton, Steven John, Deedee Jones, Frank Klucken, Nicolas Liechti, Meg Lyons, Joe Madison, Michael Mayer, Kris McDermet, Cabot Miller, Emily Miller, Sarah Miller, Kristen Outwater, Laura Polant, Michael Riley, Dana Ruppert & Nate, Alison Schoales, Bill Shontz, Heather Sommerlad, Terry Sylvester, Takako Uedo and Andrea Watkins.
    Thank you to all Windham Orchestra members who participated in the “POPS for Pops” music fair, for their contributions of food and music!

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