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Musical Salons

Not your typical music appreciation class!  Moby Pearson (violinist, ensemble coach, and orchestra conductor) invites you into his home to listen to variety of musical treats with fellow music lovers.  Listen to glorious music – from the Baroque to the Beatles and sometimes beyond. And pick up new musical perspectives along the way!.

Musical March Madness Returns!

Thursday, March 5th
Schubert’s Two-Cello Quintet
Just two months before he dies Franz Schubert wrote one of the most extraordinary works of the chamber music repertoire, the C major string quintet of 1828.  Each of its movements is unique in structure and emotional sentiment. We will hear several ensembles and their interpretations of this wonderful masterpiece!

Thursday, March 26th
King of Choral Conductors
Robert Shaw’s work remains, to this day, the gold standard for choral repertory.  Maestros Toscanini and Szell both handpicked him to be the choral conductor of their respective orchestras.  Mr. Shaw’s choirs had a very special blend of sound and we will find out how he did it!  Thankfully, he has left us a treasure trove of recordings and rehearsal videos from which to draw.

Thursday, April 2nd
Music History 101, Part 1
The first in a series of programs walking through music’s timeline. We will start back in 1397 when the composer Guillaume DuFay was born, and leisurely work our way up to Bach and Handle, both born int he year 1685.  It is fascinating to hear how music evolved over these three and a half centuries!

Tuition: $25/salon  ($60 for all three in advance).  Refreshments provided.

Call to register and get directions to the venue: 802.257.4523

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