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Musical Salons

Not your typical music appreciation class!  Moby Pearson (violinist, ensemble coach, and orchestra conductor) invites you into his home to listen to variety of musical treats with fellow music lovers.  Listen to glorious music – from the Baroque to the Beatles and sometimes beyond. And pick up new musical perspectives along the way!.

Summer Salons 2019

July 11
Beethoven’s Harp Quartet
A walk through this aptly named string quartet which was written during his ‘middle’ period in 1809. Moby says “personally it is my favorite Beethoven quartet; the unique plucking in the first movement, poignant and pleading tunes in the second, an explosive scherzo, and, to finish, a fascinating set of variations with a surprise ending.”  We will also sample various recordings of the piece, always a fun exercise!

July 25
Instrumental Altos – The Viola and English Horn
Some of the most beautiful solos ever written are scored for these two soulful and melancholy sounding instruments. We will explore their roles in the symphony orchestra, hear some chamber music and concerto excerpts, and look back at their ancestral cousins – the viola d’amore and oboe da caccia.

August 8
The Art of a Great Conductor
Maestro George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra set the high standard for orchestral playing with energetic precision and a sound that was transparent yet dynamic. We will sample his vast and diverse discography from Haydn and Beethoven to Prokofiev and Strauss.

Tuition: $25/salon  ($60 for all three in advance).  Refreshments provided.

Call to register and get directions to the venue: 802.257.4523

  • BMC Bravo SocietyThe Brattleboro Music Center relies on volunteers in the community who give generously of their time. We are pleased to honor the following for their help from November 2018 through April 2019:
    Carol Barber, Orion Barber, Rick Barron, Gussie Bartlett, Karen Becker, Mara Berkley, Robert Bonneau, Crager Boardman, Tim Callahan, Terry Carter, Walter Cramer, Charles Crowther, Maisie Crowther, Becky Eisenhandler, Judy Fink, Roberta Flatley, Rob Freeberg, Caleb Fritz, Clara Fritz, Bill Gottesman, Lerna Gottesman, Don Grybko, Sophie Hannah, Freddie Hart, Kimi Hasegawa, Francis Hebert, Cal Heile, Lynn Herzog, Claudia Jacobs, Jonah Johnson, Stephen Lloyd, Joe Madison, Sheila Magnuson, Cecil Maxfield, Steve Minken, Keith Murphy, Ralph Palmer, Guy Payne, Ellen Peters, Virginia Pick, Jon Potter, Jaki Reis, Camille Robertson, Laura Robertson, Monique Shurman, Paul Eric Smith, Becky Tracy, Melissa Trainor, Riis Whitworth, Betsy Willams, Laura Bryant Williams, Pete Wilson and Lani Wright. Also included…the BMC Flute Choir (Robin Matathias: Conductor, Ellen Chornoboy, Jane Olmstead, Amanda Paradis, Shelley Sparks, Caitlin Sullivan, and Lynn Valente) and Gowan Brae (Bruce Frank, Karen Frank Bob Naess, Antje Ruppert, and Alison Schantz)

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