Becky Graber


Becky Graber completed a BA in Music from Colgate University, followed by summer studies at Aspen Music Festival. She studied piano with Edith Oppens, and composition. She also has an MEd in the Creative Arts, Lesley University.  

Becky started playing piano at age five. Her first teacher, Ruth Kneeland, encouraged her to create and to write down her songs. Her mom (a World Book saleswoman) helped her learn to read music (using the World Book “Cyclo-Teacher”) so she read music as early as she read words.

Becky studied with Patricia Collyer Zavitz in Connecticut, and with Sharyn Godwin Duncan at Colgate. She served as accompanist and student director for choral groups in high school and college, and began teaching, directing and accompanying professionally when she moved to Brattleboro in 1977. She first joined the BMC faculty as a piano teacher from 1978 -82, and worked on the staff of BMC’s Camp Allegro from 1979 – 2007. Becky founded the Brattleboro Women’s Chorus in 1996. The chorus has had as many as 120 singers singing together in semi-annual concerts that have become a tradition and mainstay of our community. Becky is currently accompanist for the Brattleboro Concert Choir.

BMC Bravo Society

The Brattleboro Music Center relies on volunteers in the community who give generously of their time. We are pleased to honor the following for their help in recent months:
Orion Barber, Bill Callahan, Tim Callahan, Deniz Cordell, Andy Davis, September Edaugal, Phil Feidelseit, Bill Gottesman, Lerna Gottesman, Desi Grace, Lynn Herzog, Kate John, Jon Joyce, Susan Boyd Joyce, Jenn Karstad, Mitike Lyons, Sheila Magnuson, Ellen Martyn, Helen Merena, Kristin Outwater, Greg Scharfen and Dave Snyder.

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