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Youth Celtic Class I, Ages 9-14

Louisa Engle
Wednesdays, 4:15-5:15
Starts Wednesday September 11, 2019
$250 per semester, $135 for half semester (8 weeks)
Scholarships available

All instruments welcome – call if you have questions

Youth Celtic Classes, for ages 9-14, are open players of all instruments. Classes focus on developing repertoire in the Celtic tradition – mostly jigs, reels and waltzes and much of class time is spent on learning these melodies. All tunes are taught by ear. While experience in learning by ear (or Celtic music) is not critical, students should have a solid playing ability on their instruments so that they can focus on the process of learning by ear. We are happy to discuss the appropriateness of the class with interested players and are open to having kids come and try out the class.

Level 1 provides an introduction to both Celtic dance music and learning by ear. Students will learn jigs, reels, marches and polkas and develop the ability to learn without printed music. Note that while classes are open to all instruments most of class will be devoted to the learning of melodies, so guitar, piano and ukelele players etc should be prepared for this.  Some time will also be given to going over chord progressions for the music. Students do not require experience in either playing by ear or Celtic music but they should be reasonably competent on their instruments: at a minimum they should be able to find specified notes on their instruments and know chord shapes if playing guitar, piano etc. It is an ideal class for students who do not yet have the repertoire or ear skill to join the more advanced Level II youth session.

Registration Information or call the BMC at 802-257-4523 to register.

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