Beginning Celtic Classes

Louisa Engle
Fall: Starts 9/14/22
Youth, Wednesdays 4:30 –  5:15
Adults, Wednesdays 5:20 – 6:05
8 weeks: $140/16 weeks: $260
Scholarships available

All instruments welcome.

The Beginning Celtic Classes are open players of all instruments and all ages. The focus is on developing repertoire in the Celtic tradition – mostly jigs, reels and waltzes. All tunes are taught by ear. While experience in learning by ear (or Celtic music) is not critical, students should have a solid playing ability on their instruments so that they can focus on the process of learning by ear. We are happy to discuss the appropriateness of the class with interested players and are open to having kids come and try out the class. 

Students are not required to have experience with either playing by ear or Celtic music but they should be reasonably competent on their instruments: at a minimum they should be able to find specified notes on their instruments and know chord shapes if playing guitar, piano etc. 

The teacher will determine which level is appropriate for each student to join based on the student’s experience level and the current group of participants.

Registration Information or call the BMC at 802-257-4523 to register.

BMC Bravo Society

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