enriching lives through music

Camp Allegretto

music, stories, art, and rhythm
Ages 5-7
July 9 – 13,  9:30 am – 12 pm
Led by Kim Wallach
Location:  Brattleboro Music Center
Tuition: $180.   scholarships available

Each morning will start with a name song/ greeting activity. Sessions will include singing, storytelling, a related art project, exploring sound through simple instrument making (egg shakers, flower pot bells, rubber band box guitars, etc), dancing and movement games, and may include rhythm instruments, books, puppets and felt board. On the first day, everything will be new. On each ensuing day, some things will be repeated, with some new things added on. Children should bring their own snacks, and we will have our snacks together around 10:30. Daily themes will unite a story, some of the songs and games, and in some way, the art project. Themes may include: Giants and Fairy Tales (Abiyoyo), Birds of a Feather (the Freedom Bird), Octopus’s Garden (Water Theme), maybe a Jack Tales/ silly songs day, and the last day theme would be Stone Soup – if parents were agreeable, each child could come with one ingredient, and we could all have soup together before parting at lunch. We’ll put each day’s art on the walls, as well as each day’s morning message, so that we decorate our room and can look back over the week. Parents could join us for lunch on the last day, pick up all the art, and sing a few songs with us.

  • BMC Bravo SocietyThe Brattleboro Music Center relies on volunteers in the community who give generously of their time. We are pleased to honor the following for their help from November 2018 through April 2019:
    Carol Barber, Orion Barber, Rick Barron, Gussie Bartlett, Karen Becker, Mara Berkley, Robert Bonneau, Crager Boardman, Tim Callahan, Terry Carter, Walter Cramer, Charles Crowther, Maisie Crowther, Becky Eisenhandler, Judy Fink, Roberta Flatley, Rob Freeberg, Caleb Fritz, Clara Fritz, Bill Gottesman, Lerna Gottesman, Don Grybko, Sophie Hannah, Freddie Hart, Kimi Hasegawa, Francis Hebert, Cal Heile, Lynn Herzog, Claudia Jacobs, Jonah Johnson, Stephen Lloyd, Joe Madison, Sheila Magnuson, Cecil Maxfield, Steve Minken, Keith Murphy, Ralph Palmer, Guy Payne, Ellen Peters, Virginia Pick, Jon Potter, Jaki Reis, Camille Robertson, Laura Robertson, Monique Shurman, Paul Eric Smith, Becky Tracy, Melissa Trainor, Riis Whitworth, Betsy Willams, Laura Bryant Williams, Pete Wilson and Lani Wright. Also included…the BMC Flute Choir (Robin Matathias: Conductor, Ellen Chornoboy, Jane Olmstead, Amanda Paradis, Shelley Sparks, Caitlin Sullivan, and Lynn Valente) and Gowan Brae (Bruce Frank, Karen Frank Bob Naess, Antje Ruppert, and Alison Schantz)

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